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Sweaty Balls: No Longer An Issue Ever Again!


Balla Powder Tingle

The Solution For Sweaty Balls

What you know about the sweaty balls cure? Man, I’ll tell you guys whats the sweaty balls cure. Picture this…

It’s a hot summer day and you have to walk a considerable distance to your job. By the time you enter the building, you’re soaked with sweat. The AC feels great and eventually your back and your pits dry up. Your balls though, they only get “sort of” dry. As the hours go by, they get super clammy and even your asshole feels gross from the butt sweat, even more so if you dropped a deuce before leaving the house. The only thing that can relieve the discomfort is periodic bathroom breaks where you drop your pants and just air your shit out. Even then, your bits eventually get all nasty again. Yup, you know it…sweaty balls. It’s ok though, you’re not alone. Every guy suffers from sweaty balls.

My Personal Battle With Sweaty Balls

This was how it was like for me. I would go from my 1st job to my 2nd job without a chance to shower in between. Sometimes I would even go to the gym first and not have enough time to shower. Talk about a sweaty sack! Those were practically ideal conditions for sweaty balls to kick in! For the longest time I though most people just suffer through having sweaty balls until they get home, but then I found out that there was a cheap and effective solution for this. Now imagine this: your balls are super sticky and your shaft is like, glued to the side of your thigh. Then someone (preferably a super hot girl) cups your nuts and blows on ‘em after chewing on some Dentine Ice gum and ice cubes. Its cool, real cool…like air conditioner cool. Heck, it feels so refreshing and great, you might even pop a boner. Sounds crazy right? but thats EXACTLY how Balla Powder Tingle feels like! You literally transform your sweaty balls into a boner!

I’ve tried dumping baby powder on my sweaty balls before and it sucks. It keeps you dry but wears off in like an hour; the sweaty balls creep right back into your pants. Balla Powder though, lasts almost a whole eight! There are actually three varieties you can get for Balla Powder – Tingle, Fragrance Free, and Original. I didn’t need rosy smellin’ balls and the unscented seemed kinda boring for me so I opted for the Tingle and I am not regretting it one bit, I mean damn, the stuff feels nice!

I’m just gonna conclude this review with an equation for the math wizards with some sweaty balls out there. BALLA POWDER TINGLE + SHAVED (BALLZ + CAWK) = A BREEZY SUMMER DAY…Oh I’d also call it the cure for sweaty balls!

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Article by So Smooth

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